G.A.F. Seelig, Inc. is a family owned company distributing fine food products since 1871. Headed today by the great-great grandson of founding owner Gustav Seelig, GAF has expanded from its original roots as a traditional dairy to a full line food service distributor. Offering not only all kinds of dairy product such as skims, lo-fats, whole milk, light, heavy, half & half and sour creams, GAF also offers yogurts, juices, water, imported and domestic cheeses, purees, raviolis and pastas, oils and vinegars, chocolate and an ever expanding array of food service items.

But all of this means nothing without the unique service GAF provides to its customers. Serving the finest names in Manhattan, the outer boroughs, eastern Long Island, Westchester, northern and western New Jersey, eastern and southern Connecticut, GAF continues to identify the individual needs of each of its clients. Hospitals, hotels, fine dining and corporate dining, baking manufacturers and institutions all have different requirements for both product and delivery. GAF serves all their needs.

Today, GAF is meeting the challenges of the modern marketplace. Responding faster, offering more and maintaining stability, the company has set its course well for the 21st century. Our horizon is the next 100 years.